Termination Indemnity in kuwait

Article 51 of Labor Law in the private sector

A lump sum payment also known as termination compensation is given to employees when the employment is terminated. For those who have worked less than five years for each year completed by workers, they are entitled to termination indemnity equivalent to 15 days compensation for every year completed. But, it may be limited to one and a half year’s remigration, if the employee works for more than five years.

In the case of employees who are paid based on piece-rate, hourly, daily or weekly, a termination indemnity of 10 days compensation for each completed year of service is obtained for the first five years, and 15 days salary payment is given for each completed year for more than five years. In case where part years and pro-rated amount is calculated, this is limited to one year's salary.

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If any employees does not receive the payment and their rights, can contact our office for legal assistance