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Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm provides high-quality legal services and maintains a good cliente with established companies In order to provide unique and high-quality Legal Services Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm depends on the broad mentality of law in response to globalization and its social and economic aspects Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm adopts the methodology of multi-national law experts with specialized consultants in different fields of Law The Law Firm has both Local and International divisions.

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The office provides all legal services to all its customers such as Ministries, Authorities, Departments, Companies, the governmental and non-governmental establishments and all types of individuals on a professional and vocational manner where such services are provided through a chosen group of the professional attorneys, consultants, representatives, and the legal services are from various kinds and degrees through in legal consultancies, contracts conclusion in all types, following all lawsuits and cases in all types:

Civil Law

At Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm, we provide all sorts of legal counsel related to Civil Law such as- Sales, bare rents, contracts and subcontracts, employment, agency, deposits, security, guarantee, etc.

Labor Dues

The office's consultants have the adequate experiences to conduct the labor disputes in both private and oil sector, the civil service law, and the office enjoys its long experiences in compensation field in respect of accidents arise within work sites, service termination benefits, work contracts conclusion and to solve any disputes arising out of works contract in respect of the employee's salary, promotion and labor dues cases.

Family Law

The Kuwait family law code, which governs matters such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance, was enacted in 1984 and contains 347 articles. It has been amended only slightly since 1984 and is based on the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence. Our office provides all kinds of legal services in this matter.

Intellectual property law

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm provides all types of services to its principals including trademarks, copyrights, and patents registration, providing advice regarding problems that may arise in the future and giving the relevant solutions.

Commercial law

The Kuwaiti Commercial Code and its Articles 23 and 24 are of special significance when it comes to doing business in the country. Other laws such as Regulation of Commercial Agencies and The New Investments Law also impact businesses. Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm will provide you with the needed legal consultation and guidance with the related matters.

Financial claims

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm has a lot of experience negotiating in banking disputes and claims arising out of loans, documentary letters, letters of credit and all credit contacts. Pledge, Loan, and warranty contacts preparing and writing, following their registration and recording as per the legal procedures inside Kuwait and abroad.


Mr. Dhaidan Al Ajmi is from amongst the limited no. of lawyers in Kuwait to have given the status of notary public. Our office offers notarization for all types of documents.

Tenancy law

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm also provides legal counsel in regards to tenancy lawsuits or related matters such as- rent, contracts, leasing, illegal activities, safety and security, etc.

Individual and corporate contract

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm provides legal services in regards to civil, commercial, and administrative contracts preparing and conclusion (International and National) and to review them, pleading against the third parties in respect of their conditions, requirements, giving resolutions and suggestions in respect of any obstacles meeting the execution of such legal problems and to follow their execution.

Arbitration and mediation

Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm provides consultancy in arbitration (private judgment) and represents its principals before all local and international arbitration departments, preparing arbitration conditions and the alternative means for disputes solution where arbitration, mediation, and negotiations may be made by the office available experiences and the office is ready to provide all technical experiences qualified in this field.


Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm provides high-quality legal services and maintains a good clientele.

Mehmet Ozgur Balaban


I express my sincere gratitude to Lawyer Al Ajmi for his excellent profesionalism in handling my labor case through the past 5 years, which he victoriously concluded. I have a great pleasure of recommending Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm to those who need a truly efficient and professional legal services. 

John Dunn


Very considerate and careful explanation of service. Very professional.

Juan Carlos Dàvalos


Requested legal assistance from Dhaidan Law Firm to represent me in the Kuwait Court of Justice to claim upaid salaries and indemnities. Mr Dhaidan and his team acted quickly and efficiently to proceed to my request keeping me informed on each stage. We finally got the check from the Kuwait Court of Ministry of Justice during the Covid Pandemic times. I'll always be grateful and recommend Dhaidan Law Firm to any prospect requiring legal assistance. 

Jaime Allen McFarlane


Mr. Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm was very successful in arguing my case in Kuwait Family Court, and all decisions have resulted in my favor. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking legal advice in Kuwait to reach out to the law offices of Mr Dhaidan Al Ajmi, you will not be dissapointed.

Fawaz Ali


I've received excellent legal services at Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law firm. I recommend it to all my family and friends.

Fatema BinHaidar


I had a wonderful experience at Dhaidan Al Ajmi Law Firm. The staff was very cooperative and has provided me with best services. Dhaidan Al AJmi Law Firm helps people get their justice and keeps the client matters very confidential.

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